client quandaries

Breaking up with a problem client

O.L. writes:

I have been in a branding project with a client for about four months now. I struggle to even write that. I generated dozens of concepts, made tons of revisions, often with two weeks of silence in between, and have had enough. We're supposed to work on a business card project after we finalize the visual identity, but I cannot do it. I have reached my limit. How do I break up with a client? How do I say - thanks for the good times, but I've had enough?

When a client might not be a good fit

H.K. writes:

What do you do if after talking to a client, you find out they aren't the right fit... either their business morally doesn't align with you, there are red flags, or you aren't as interested? My gut is telling me this might happen with a future call with a potential client. Not sure why, but I hate writing those emails that we aren't a good fit. It seems like a slap in the face somehow!

When a client is resistant to your advice

J.G. writes:

What do you do when your client is resistant to your advice, and because of that is slowing down the timeline quite a bit? My client is SUPER nice, but is really hung up on being trendy, despite her awareness and saying she doesn't want to be trendy. She is a photographer and I originally talked her out of going down the path of doing another watercolor + gold foil logo, but she keeps coming back to it despite my best attempts at creating something classic and timeline, claiming that it feels more "personal".

Is this something that you would just call it a wash, and do what the client says? I want to communicate that I know my branding + logo principles, and that she shouldn't be in control, but I also don't want to come across as arrogant, or reluctant to her feedback.