Breaking up with a problem client

O.L. writes:

I have been in a branding project with a client for about four months now. I struggle to even write that. I generated dozens of concepts, made tons of revisions, often with two weeks of silence in between, and have had enough. We're supposed to work on a business card project after we finalize the visual identity, but I cannot do it. I have reached my limit. How do I break up with a client? How do I say - thanks for the good times, but I've had enough?

How to tactfully say no to requests and opportunities

K.A. writes:

I had someone contact me for an interview series last year. She had a tight deadline, and I accommodated and got all the info + images to her despite being really busy with client work. She ended up scrapping the series and never published it. I was a little annoyed! Well, I just got an email from her wanting to set up another interview about the projects I’m working on… I don’t really have time and feel a little burned by our last interaction – I hate saying that, but it’s the truth! Any ideas on gentle ways to say no?!