potential clients

Dealing with potential clients negotiating over prices or offering to pay in exposure

A.B. writes:

I started my business in January and the biggest problem I'm consistently having is negotiating my prices. Far too often, a client comes to me expecting me to work for free (or as they like to call it "exposure"), even though my prices are listed on my website. How do I deal with this? Should I change my rates? What's the best way to determine a fair price point? Thanks so much!

When a client might not be a good fit

H.K. writes:

What do you do if after talking to a client, you find out they aren't the right fit... either their business morally doesn't align with you, there are red flags, or you aren't as interested? My gut is telling me this might happen with a future call with a potential client. Not sure why, but I hate writing those emails that we aren't a good fit. It seems like a slap in the face somehow!