I'm The Quiet Creative, and you can ask me anything!


If you follow me or my work online, you might be wondering: I thought you already launched The Quiet Creative last year! Well, I'm so glad you're here (again!) and I'd love to acquaint you with the new Quiet Creative and share a little bit about my mission for what I'm hoping to achieve.

The Quiet Creative in its previous form was meant to be a catch-all space for my thoughts on creativity, business, motherhood, and beyond, but as luck would have it, life (or more accurately, business!) got in the way. My dreams of thoughtful columns and creative motherhood interviews were temporarily shelved onto the "do-it-later" part of my life, when there would be more time to cultivate the kind of meaningful readership that would help the blog thrive. 

Fast forward a few months of minor guilt at this precious thing I'd been consciously letting languish and I realized something very important -- could it also be that I wasn't cut out for regular blogging? I looked at so many of my wonderful, talented designer peers who were rocking it at blogging on the side, but when I tried to find that focus and energy within myself, it fell flat. In my gut, I felt like there were other avenues and outlets to dig into that intersection of creative entrepreneurship and motherhood (the seeds of which have been planted into a future project I hope to share more with you all soon). In the meantime though, I still wanted to do something -- anything -- that felt more authentic and natural to how I connect and communicate with others about business. 

And thus, the new and improved Quiet Creative was born.

There's an abundance of online communities out there right now that have become such a crucial part of the online creative entrepreneur's life, places to find encouragement, knowledge, and growth. This isn't here to replace that. But if you do need a more intimate spot to duck into, to be able to go over your issues in an open and honest way (and anonymously, if you so desire) and want to make sure your voice isn't lost in the shuffle? This is it. I want this to be a safe space for the advice seekers, a comfortable place to add in your voice, and to help out and engage your fellow creatives.

I've always had a soft spot for the advice column format (one of my favorite things to read back in the day was the Dear Abby column in my local paper) and I find something really interesting about the de facto community that forms around these columns. It's an energy I want to recreate for others who are just like me. 

So this is not a blog, but a collaborative advice column and support group for all creative entrepreneurs. I want to take my 8 years of experience as a design contractor, freelancer, and creative business owner and give you space in this column to ask any questions you may have about making the same journey and all of the frustrating, confusing things you might encounter on your way to making your dream happen. This includes all manner of client issues (getting paid, email etiquette, and how to say no - just to name a few!), solving problems in your business, the occasional work-life balance head-scratcher, and so much more. 

I don't know where this will go from here, but I hope you are willing to jump in and join me on this journey. If you find yourself with a question and yearning for some answers, will you write me about it? Can I offer you some support and advice, wherever you're at?

Thank you, and remember, you don't have to do this alone!

The first official column will be published here tomorrow! I'll be posting columns twice a week so be sure to check in regularly to follow the latest advice, or just sign up for The Quiet Creative newsletter to make sure you don't miss a thing!